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Mobile Marketing, you have heard about it, but what is it exactly? Well, put in simple terms, it is the proces of marketing your products or services to people via their mobile devices, using SMS text messaging. People just adore their mobile devices. They carry them everywhere: malls, theaters, grocery stores, they even take them to the bathroom and sleep with them at arm's reach.

With read rates of 95%, and messages being read within the first 15 minutes after receipt, if you are not including SMS mobile marketing in your current marketing strategies, you are missing on a great opportunity to grow your business.

You ever wanted to do mobile marketing like big companies do? Now Joompia makes it possible for the small and medium business. With Joompia's marketing tools you can create mobile marketing campaigns and reach your audience within minutes.

Joompia's simple affordable tools help you engage with your customers via text message.
Retailers, bars/clubs, schools, realtors, they can all benefit from Joompia's marketing tools.
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