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When was the last time you went to a store thinking you had a coupon in your wallet, then you got to the cashier and the coupon was not there! With SMS coupons it's easier for consumers to "carry" their coupons with them all the time in their "virtual" wallet. For business owners, it is a great tool to get instant traffic for those slow days.

There's no printing, no forgetting, no hassle! Joompia's unique virtual wallet assures that a coupon is only redeemed once, by removing the coupon from the virtual wallet after redemption. Moreover, the coupon includes a barcode for easier processing at the POS system. Access your virtual wallet from a link in the SMS message.

Mobilify your offers:
Boost sales by publishing coupons for those slow days.
Track and monitor redemption rate
No mobile app required. Joompia creates a personal virtual wallet for each user where coupons are stored automatically
Standard barcode and POS compatibility
Publish several coupons in one mobile web page
Our SMS coupon platform assures that only one user is able to redeem one authentic coupon. No more duplicate coupons.
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