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What's In a Picture? Fun for your Customers,
More Profit for You

QR codes, that little square image seen on paper advertisements everywhere. It's not just a curious shape, it's a fun and easy way to quickly receive deals and information. QR Code Marketing provides greater brand awareness, revenues and business success. With Joompia's platform you can create your own QR code to post in all your marketing materials including magazines, menus, flyers, billboards, websites and Facebook fan pages.

Take your Business to the Next Level with the Industry's Hottest Trend:

Make it easier for customers to opt-in to your database.
Provide a fun way for consumers to request more information
Track and measure performance
Reward your customer scanning action with an automatic SMS coupon reply
Link the QR code to your mobile website to collect more information or provide offers to your visitors
Create a special QR code for special occasions
Include your QR code in all your printed promotions: menus, flyers, website, posters, newspapers
Realtors can link the QR code to a specific listing to provide pictures and more information

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