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"For Sale" signs always include a phone number to call. But what if you dial the number and there is no answer? Sounds familiar? What if you could scan a QR code right from the "For Sale" sign with your mobile device and be taken to a mobile landing page with property information and pictures! This is possible with Joompia's real estate listing features.

You can also setup an automated response back to homebuyers, which could include pictures and a description of the property: "4 bedrooms, 2.5 baths, living, dining, remodeled kitchen, pool, finished basement, 3-car garage".

By texting in, the person has opted-in to the agent's distribution list. From now on, using Joompia you can text this person with updates on the property listings.

Effortlessly generate a mobile database of home buyers to contact in the future with new property listings.

Streamline the lead generation process allowing you to spend less time and money attracting customers, while at the same time attracting more customers than ever before. Schedule text message alerts/reminders to go out at specific dates and times.

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