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Promote your great food through an effective marketing channel. Send links with pictures of resturant events and special dishes to tempt your customers. Send enticing messages to attract customers for same-day specials. Use a text action to capture customers' favorite menu selections and send them special promotions for those favorite dishes. There is nothing like sending a tempting dinner offer to your customers right after they get off their workplaces and are looking for a place to eat, or at lunch time.


Attract new customers to subscribe to your VIP club by including your special keyword on your printed menus and flyers.


Use Joompia's SMS Appointment reminder feature to send notifications to your customers of their upcoming reservation.



Use Joompia's simple platform to create loyalty programs. Reward your faithfull customers after they reach a defined consumption goal. Offer a free dish, dessert, drink, after they spend a specific amount, or accumulate certain number of visits to your restaurant.

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